Randy McWebb and Jim Poole

Randy McWebb’s "Beyond the Gate" and Jim Poole’s "Places, Faces, Carapaces - The Hard and the Soft of It" are both on exhibit at Strand Fine Art Services until June 24, 2017

Jim met Randy McWebb at Fanshawe College. They shared a passion for art and life and became fast friends and collaborators. Jim often joined Randy in foraging for materials in the forests and on the shorelines in Ontario. McWebb and Poole were in several group shows in London back in the 80’s.

When McWebb asked Jim to show pieces in this exhibition he happily agreed."

Opening Reception: June 2, 2017, 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Show Runs Until: June 24, 2017

Randy McWebb, Untitled Carving, Re-purposed found wood
Jim Poole, Tail Biting Tiger Turtles, Ink on Paper

More About the Show

Andrew Smyth, Strand co-owner states:

“Randy’s work is all carved from found and reused wood and fibres. Barn Boards, split rails, old nails, driftwood, feathers, tree knots, all are ideal raw materials,

When at school, Jim often joined Randy in foraging for materials in the forests and on the shorelines around London. Jim still collects pieces of raw material for Randy on his West Coast wanderings. Randy’s inspiration comes from within, inspired by the concept of birth, coming of age, death, and renewal. There is an ageless, timeless feeling to his carvings. They have a timeless and ageless patina.”

Framing the Phoenix - 2017

Strand Fine Art Services is happy to once again hosting "Framing the Phoenix" an annual mental health art exhibition, where local artists whose lives have been touched by mental illness display their art and passion, helping to reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health issues.

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 4, 2017, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
At the reception meet many of the artists, their families and friends.

Show Runs Until: May 20, 2017

Jennifer Peralta, "Tree Ent", acrylic on canvas
Megan Rose, untitled, mixed media on board

More About the Show

The exhibition includes paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photographs in a wide range of styles. Proceeds of sales go directly to the artists.

Strand co-owner Andrew Smyth says of the show:
"As with any exhibition of 58 works of art by as many ­different artists, the range of styles, ­subjects, and media will run the spectrum.

This show is no exception, ­featuring all colours and all sizes in abundance, from embroidery to woodcarving to portraiture and landscapes to origami and ­abstraction. I am constantly amazed by the human imagination and the variety and scope of what we can create.”

Marilyn Conklin - New Exhibition

New Exhibition Announcement - “Creation” by Marilyn Conklin
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 1, 2017,1:00 - 5:00 pm
Show Runs Until: April 22, 2017



On the Canvas: Artist’s search for meaning informs mixed media work - Joe Belanger, London Free Press, March 29, 2017

The wonder of creation is the focus of an artist’s new exhibition on at a London store.

 Strand Fine Art is exhibiting Creation features works by London artist Marilyn Conklin. Gallery co-owner Andrew Smyth said Creation is a “vivid selection of bright, colourful, abstract ­paintings.”

 “Marilyn Conklin paints with acrylic, water mixable oil colour, and mixed media. You might find sand or pumice or lace or who knows what,” Smyth said. “Her inspiration comes from ancient spiritual myths and the many outcomes arising from them. You will be struck by the scale and intense colour of the work. I am drawn to the paintings time and again by the mystery in the abstract. You never truly find the answer.”

Conklin, a Londoner, has volunteered at Museum London, raised a family and graduated from Western University with a fine arts degree in 2000. She has served on the board of the Art Gallery of ­Ontario.

In her artist’s statement, Conklin said she’s a very spiritual person and her work is “influenced by many life experiences, extensive travel, ancient archaeology, and an active imagination.”

“Because I am a spiritual being, I am always searching for existential meaning in the unknown,” said ­Conklin.

 “Looking into nature and transcending into the skies underpin the themes in these paintings. If you, the viewer, react emotionally, recall a memory, or discover a new insight into yourself, I am, as the artist, very delighted. Perhaps my paintings may briefly place you back in prehistoric times and remind you of the pristine beauty of nature.”

Iain Turner - New Paintings

Untitled, 2016, Mixed Media on Plywood, Iain Turner
In the Gallery at Strand Find Art Services
1161 Florence Street, Unit 4
London, Ontario, N5W 2M7

Entrance on Eleanor St.
At the Red Door
*Lots of Free Parking*

Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 4, 2017, 2:00 to 5:00 pm
Show Runs to March 25, 2017

Conscious Light, 2016, Mixed Media on Panel, Iain Turner

Solar Boat, 2016, Mixed Media on Panel, Iain Turner