Peter Kryshtalovich and Boban Dosic

Show Date
February 1, 2013 to March 2, 2013

Opening Reception:    
Saturday, February 9th, 2013
2:00pm to 5:00pm

Strand Fine Art Services
1161 Florence Street, Unit 4,
London, Ontario  
N5W 2M7

About the Show from Andrew Smythe
"When we considered Boban Dosic's work for an exhibition we immediately thought of Peter Kryshtalovich as the perfect compliment.

Both artists work in an abstract style using materials ranging from sand and wax to hair ads string and paint. What you will be taken with is the eerie similarity in their works and the patently obvious differences."

Now - Peter Kryshtalovich

Red Plate Gate - Boban Dosic
 Boban Dosic Bio
After receiving his B.A. in Painting and Scenography at the Faculty for Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia in 1984 Boban Dosic worked for TV Belgrade for several years. In 1987 he received British Council Grant to specialize in Visual Effects with the BBC TV. Following his move to Toronto in 1988 he worked for the CBC TV and independent production companies as an Art Director, Set Designer and Scenic Painter for nearly twenty years. He continued his independent art career as a mixed media painter and became a member of Ontario Society of Artists in 2011.

As a painter he is inspired by archaeology, fresco paintings and urban decay, and the idea of both transience and timelessness. He is interested in the opposing forces of construction and deconstruction and the beauty of layers deposited by the passage of time.

“Gates” series is inspired by the beauty of old fortification gates and doors, as well as the symbolism of a gate as a threshold to another reality.

Boban works in mixed media, using acrylics, sand, plaster, metal wire, wax and paper, as well as drawing with pencils and crayons on canvas and panel.

Peter Kryshtalovich Bio
If they persist, paintings become objects of contemplation whose ultimate meanings are invented, assembled, and understood by a sympathetic viewer. Regardless of specific artistic allusions, or the philosophical and cultural considerations that may or may not be discerned, what always remains is the evocative power of colour and texture.

The works in this show are a few artistic consequences of reasoning with both, using various mixed media source materials – acrylics, crayons, graphite, watercolour pencils, oilsticks, marble dust, stone, sand, ashes, papers, cardboard, foam core, modelling paste and Winterstone – on stretched canvas.
Based in London, Peter is a Visual and Sound artist who invents in the digital and ‘real' world. He has used Photoshop as a paint program since 1994, creating over 800 digital paintings by applying signal processing techniques to colour space in a manner very similar to their application in sound. A specialist in audio synthesis and signal processing, he considers painting and sound design to be facets of a single artistic vision and has been involved in both for over 40 years. The paintings in this exhibit have been extensively informed by explorations in both auditory imagery and digital painting.

In addition to his artistic activities, he is one of three Executive Directors at the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology, where he lectures in music theory, audio synthesis, and the artistic application of digital technology for both sound and image.