Strand 2013 Christmas Show and Sale

Opening Party: Friday, December 6th, 5:30 PM
Open House: Saturday December 7th, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM and
Sunday, December 8th, 12:00 - 5:00 PM
Show Runs Until: Tuesday December 24th at 12:00 PM.

Exhibition includes work by:
  • David Bobier
  • Marie Bohm
  • Liz Barrett Miller
  • Susan Day
  • Marion Drysdale
  • Mick Durham
  • Maria Gabrie
  • Vicki Easton McClung
  • Mireya Folch
  • Maya Foltyn
  • Sharron Forrest
  • Linda Fried
  • Pat Gibson
  • Lynne Munro
  • Leslie Putnam
  • Thelma Rosner
  • Iain Turner
  • Fran Whitney
  • George Whitney

Leslie Putnam - Big City Dwellers

Opening Reception: Friday, November 1st, 2013, 6:30 PM
Show Runs From: November 1 - 30

From the London Free Press:
Strand Fine Art Services is hosting the show, titled Big City Dwellers, of Putnam’s sculptures that opens Friday.

“This is a dramatic exhibition of small powerful sculptures incorporating music and light and it will excite all your senses,” said co-owner Andrew Smyth."

“The premise was that most of us now live in urban environments, and in a big city it becomes very easy to think we are not like any other life form,” Putnam wrote.

“This seemed to fit what I was doing these past years in the studio, trying to bridge this gap between what I knew as the truth of our natural world and the way we have come to experience it through our own constructed realities.”

>> Leslie Putnam website

Vicki Easton-McClung - A Coloured Balance & Tie One On

Opening Reception: Friday, October 4th, 2013, 7 - 10 PM
Show Runs Until: October 26th, 2013

A Coloured Balance
A new series of mixed media abstract paintings on board.

A new series of paintings
playing with the balance
of colour and gesture
spoken in a soft voice,

Sweet Pea - Vicki Easton-McClung
Tie One On
Refurbished Ties of All Sorts

A collection of
refurbished neck ties
with hand sewn embellishments
to adorn both men and women.

Refurbished Ties - Vicki Eastman McClung
The show got a great write-up at the Forest City Fashionista blog. Check it out here, it has plenty of photos too.

From the London Free Press:

"A Brantford-born artist is featured in a new exhibition at a London gallery.
Vicki Easton McClung’s new series, A Colour Balance, as well as a collection of “artfully refurbished” old ties, Tie One On, open at Strand Fine Art Services Friday.

The exhibition is described as “a new series of paintings playing with the balance of colour and gesture spoken in a soft voice … a new series of mixed media abstract paintings on board.”
McClung studied commercial art at Mohawk College before going on to study environmental art at Fanshawe College.

Her first exhibition was at the London Regional Art Gallery in 1977 and her work has been shown extensively across Southwestern Ontario ever since. This is McClung’s second show at Strand."

Montreal Paintings - Jeremy Price

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 7th, 1:00 - 5:00 PM
Exhibit Dates: September 7 - 28, 2013

About the Artist
Jeremy Price was born and raised in London, Ontario. Upon graduating from the Bealart Vocational Art School he attended the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver Film School. In 2008, Price moved to Montreal where he has lived for the past five years.

Montreal serves as the major inspiration for his paintings.Their subject matter consists of loose depictions and representations of the streets and neighbourhoods that compose the city.

They are unbiased representations of the stagings of the day, of commuting, of living.The images are fleeting moments, snapshots from a life that has a habit of moving too quickly sometimes.

>> Jeremy Price Website

Depanneur LaLonde - Jeremy Price
Archambault - Jeremy Price
Mile End - Jeremy Price

Jen Kime and Lynne Munro

Opening Reception: Friday April 5, 2013, 7 - 10 PM

Exhibition Runs From: Friday, April 5 - Saturday, April 27

Jen Kime Artist Statement

Jen Kime, New Growth, 2012
My initial approach to art-making is intuitive. Ideas often arise from everyday objects and from the details of plant and animal life I observe during my daily walks through the fields around my home. The work always begins with drawing, through which I examine and research my ideas. The actual construction of the work is always from a fairly developed concept using whatever materials are appropriate to my purpose, but it is the behaviour of the materials which dictates its final form.

The imitation of found objects with their associated meaning are brought together with seemingly disassociated elements often from the natural world. Ideas, materials and cast objects fuse through a range of repeated processes, often reminiscent of the mind-numbing repetition involved in the commercial production of consumer goods. Through these processes, the objects are liberated from their original context and conventional use, and a new identity is invented for them in order to convey new layers of meaning.

My view is somewhat dystopian. Environmental degradation is a theme in the work along with the interconnectedness of things, the relationship of nature and culture, the way we shape the landscape and how it shapes us. 

Lynne Munro Artist Statement

Lynn Munro, Rising, 2012
I consider my works in this exhibition to be objects of focus and concentration.  The Japanese Ensō, or circle, inspires my drawings.  In Zen Buddhism, Ensō is a symbol of Enlightenment (knowing the true nature of things), but for me it means being open and accepting of the present, just as it is.

I use this concept of being in the present moment to focus my mind as a way to maintain clarity and balance in a world of rapid flux and instability. This instability creates anxiety and restlessness in me, but also seems to be part of the human condition.  

The drawings are a process of accumulation. Each tiny circle is drawn using a range of “H” pencils on canvas or Japanese handmade paper, and takes one second to render. One circle is not more important than another.  Collectively, I see them as the accumulation of seconds that make up a life.  The patterns and rhythms created in the drawings are the result of the ebb and flow of what I am feeling in my body and mind at that particular moment.  The repetition of the circle produces a sense of calmness. I apply the same concept to the stitched pieces in this exhibition.

My drawings are quiet and wait to be seen and considered. I hope they open up a space for stillness and awareness in the viewer.

Tricia Johnson and Jessica Desparois

Exhibition Dates
March 8 – 30, 2013

Opening Reception
Friday, March 8, 2012
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

About the Show
Jessica Desparois and Tricia Johnson have worked together in the Printmaking Studio in the Department of Visual Arts at Western University for the last 5 years. Jessica Desparois is the Department’s Printmaking Technician and Tricia Johnson is an Assistant Professor teaching Introduction to Print Media and Foundation Studio.

In their artwork, both artists have an affinity to working in Linocut, a print process where the artist carves and inks a piece of linoleum in order to create an image. Visually exploring the linocut process, both artists’ practices have resulted in distinct styles; Desparois’s prints use the graphic and expressive line quality of carving to activate her subject matter while Johnson uses an austere carved contour line. Yet both artists have gravitated towards personal imagery as the subject matter of their work.

Jessica Desparois

Aliens - Jessica Desparois
Desparois found herself collecting vintage ceramic objects that became the imagery for a series of prints; imagery that became signifiers of identity. What we decide to collect expresses who we are. Moving from bought objects found at thrift stores, Desparois started using her own possessions as the subject matter in her prints.

She rearranges and displays her objects in unconventional compositions, objects such as modernist furniture, suitcases, an antique radio, a cassette tape. She sees these prints as strange self-portraits that are funny and serious, light-hearted and meaningful simultaneously.

Tricia Johnson
Betsey's Room - Tricia Johnson, etching
Johnson has also used her own possessions as subject matter in her prints. Photographs of the interior of her home become the bases of etchings that pair each image with a found line of a poem: the verses allude to actions happening elsewhere, trying to fill in for any lost context in the image by imagining life mundanely continuing on. 

Her linocut prints construct imagined window displays combining Johnson’s own possessions with other consumer objects in highly aestheticized compositions. And yet again, the objects in Johnson’s life become subject matter in another series of etchings; quick, gesture drawing images that capture accidental arrangements of visually interesting things (and sometimes people).

Peter Kryshtalovich and Boban Dosic

Show Date
February 1, 2013 to March 2, 2013

Opening Reception:    
Saturday, February 9th, 2013
2:00pm to 5:00pm

Strand Fine Art Services
1161 Florence Street, Unit 4,
London, Ontario  
N5W 2M7

About the Show from Andrew Smythe
"When we considered Boban Dosic's work for an exhibition we immediately thought of Peter Kryshtalovich as the perfect compliment.

Both artists work in an abstract style using materials ranging from sand and wax to hair ads string and paint. What you will be taken with is the eerie similarity in their works and the patently obvious differences."

Now - Peter Kryshtalovich

Red Plate Gate - Boban Dosic
 Boban Dosic Bio
After receiving his B.A. in Painting and Scenography at the Faculty for Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia in 1984 Boban Dosic worked for TV Belgrade for several years. In 1987 he received British Council Grant to specialize in Visual Effects with the BBC TV. Following his move to Toronto in 1988 he worked for the CBC TV and independent production companies as an Art Director, Set Designer and Scenic Painter for nearly twenty years. He continued his independent art career as a mixed media painter and became a member of Ontario Society of Artists in 2011.

As a painter he is inspired by archaeology, fresco paintings and urban decay, and the idea of both transience and timelessness. He is interested in the opposing forces of construction and deconstruction and the beauty of layers deposited by the passage of time.

“Gates” series is inspired by the beauty of old fortification gates and doors, as well as the symbolism of a gate as a threshold to another reality.

Boban works in mixed media, using acrylics, sand, plaster, metal wire, wax and paper, as well as drawing with pencils and crayons on canvas and panel.

Peter Kryshtalovich Bio
If they persist, paintings become objects of contemplation whose ultimate meanings are invented, assembled, and understood by a sympathetic viewer. Regardless of specific artistic allusions, or the philosophical and cultural considerations that may or may not be discerned, what always remains is the evocative power of colour and texture.

The works in this show are a few artistic consequences of reasoning with both, using various mixed media source materials – acrylics, crayons, graphite, watercolour pencils, oilsticks, marble dust, stone, sand, ashes, papers, cardboard, foam core, modelling paste and Winterstone – on stretched canvas.
Based in London, Peter is a Visual and Sound artist who invents in the digital and ‘real' world. He has used Photoshop as a paint program since 1994, creating over 800 digital paintings by applying signal processing techniques to colour space in a manner very similar to their application in sound. A specialist in audio synthesis and signal processing, he considers painting and sound design to be facets of a single artistic vision and has been involved in both for over 40 years. The paintings in this exhibit have been extensively informed by explorations in both auditory imagery and digital painting.

In addition to his artistic activities, he is one of three Executive Directors at the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology, where he lectures in music theory, audio synthesis, and the artistic application of digital technology for both sound and image.