My Tribe: New Works by Vicki Easton McClung

Friday, February 3rd, 2012, 7:00 PM
Show runs until Saturday, February 25th

Gallery Hours
Tuesday - Friday, 10AM - 5PM
Saturday: 10AM - 1PM

About the Show

My Tribe: New Works by Vicki Easton McClung features mixed media works informed by the artist’s interest in narrative forms. To produce these works, Easton McClung sifted through Eaton’s catalogue images from the fifties, her late mother-in-law’s antique dolls, and a collection of found objects.

With a sense of familiarity and intimacy, with themes that are persistently just out of reach, Vicki Easton McClung presents personal ideas and experiences that enlighten her work and unique sense of identity.

About Vicki Easton McClung
A graduate of Mohawk College in commercial art and later in environmental art from Fanshawe College, Vicki has exhibited her work extensively across Southern Ontario. Her work is represented in public and private collections including St. Thomas-Elgin Art Gallery and the Norfolk Arts Centre. Between 1980 and 1990, she was represented by the Gadatsy Gallery of Toronto before it closed.

Vicki has been a recipient of Ontario Arts Council exhibition grants and a Juror’s Choice award from the Robert Cadotte Gallery (1995). From 2001-2008 she worked as curator of exhibitions for the Lighthouse Festival Theatre and Gallery.

Vicki lives in Port Dover where she divides her time seasonally between art and production at the McClung Nursery.

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