Strand Christmas Show and Sale 2012

Featuring the work of Sixteen Artists. Great place to pick up unique gifts!

Opening Party:

Friday, December 7th, 7PM

Open House:
Saturday, December 8th, 10 AM - 6PM
Sunday December 9th, 12 PM - 5PM

Show Runs Until
Saturday, December 22nd

The Annual Strand Fine Art Services Christmas Show and Sale is a superb and eclectic collection of sculpture, ceramics, stained glass, folk-art, paintings and prints by local and regional artists. Included this year are:
  • Kevin Bice
  • Thelma Rosner 
  • Tricia Johnson 
  • Susan Day
  • Patrick Mahon
  • Vicki Easton McClung
  • Jessica Desparois
  •  Marion Drysdale
  •  Linda Fried 
  • Leslie Putnam 
  • Pat Gibson
  • George Whitney 
  • Diane Pearce 
  • Iain Turner
  •  Bill Stelpstra 
  • Bryan Jesney 
  • Lynette Richards
  • Sharron Corrigan Forrest
  • David Bobier
  • Gordana Olujic Dosic 
  • Maya Folton 
  • Eva Ennist 
  • Boban Dosic
  • Mireya Folsch 
  • Pat Giles

Thelma Rosner-"Cross-stitch Jet Fighter", oil on paper
Susan Day- ceramic pot
Bill Stelpstra- "Blue Tree"
Vicki Easton McClung- "Blondie Girl", mixed media

Pat Giles & Bryan Jesney

An Exhibition of New Works by  Pat Giles and Bryan Jesney

From the London Free Press article Beal art grads featured in new Strand exhibition:

“Jesney’s work comes from a street art/graffiti background. It is bright and vibrant, fantastical almost futuristic fantasy. Giles’s work is quieter, dark and sombre with abstract texture,” said co-owner Andrew Smyth.

Giles and Jesney became good friends when they both attended Beal in 1999, sharing not only a passion for art, but both were also disc jockeys.

Show Runs From:
November 10 - December 1, 2012

Artist Reception
Friday, November 16, 7:00 PM

Bryan Jesney -The World we Knew as Children

Pat Giles - Layers

Take 4

Four Toronto-based artists: Gordana Olujic Dosic, Eva Ennist, Maya Foltyn and Sharron Corrigan Forrest are featured in this month-long exhibition, from Friday, October 5th - Saturday, November 3rd.

About the Show

In their exploration of mixed media, these four artists are connected by shared sensibilities and minimalist aesthetics, led by either a theme or a story and utilizing a variety of textures and materials.

Read the recent article in the London Free Press "Take ‘4’ features four Toronto-based artists with a shared love of minimalist aesthetics", October 5th, 2012.

Gordana Olujic Dosic - Hands With Burrs
Gordana Olujic Dosic’s work explores opposites (strength and frailty, attachment and letting go, trust and betrayal…) using expressive qualities of various materials (textiles, metal, natural elements). In her “Hands” series she explores repetitive hand gestures, with hands as containers of objects, thoughts and feelings.

Gordana’s work is included in the permanent collections of the Cambridge Galleries in Cambridge, Ontario, Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz, Poland and Atelier 61 and Novi Pazar Cultural Centre in Serbia.

Eva Ennist - Lotus Temples 2
Eva Ennist’s mixed media sculptures and assemblages have been inspired by recent travels to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Ennist has translated and combined the architectural forms of bird nests, fishing baskets, Hindu and Buddhist temples with the shapes and textures of plants such as the lotus or cactus, that she documented.

The sculptural pieces are created with cut strips of wire “hardware cloth” or bamboo blind cutoffs that have been shaped into irregular conical forms. Hand-made paper pulp or encaustic wax has been applied as a protective surface. The encaustic paintings/assemblages refer directly to these sculptural forms. Ennist often incorporates drawings and photographs of the 3D works into the numerous layers of pigment, wax, mesh, and hand made paper, creating a new way of documenting the processes and experiences.

She is currently an Assistant Professor and Head of Fibre at OCAD University in Toronto and has been teaching in the Fibre Studio of the Material Art & Design program since 1983. Eva Ennist is represented by David Kaye Gallery in Toronto.

Maya Folton - Constellation
Maya Foltyn’s passions are painting and drawing and a combination of both. The dominant characteristic of her work is the application of line. While making the lines more abstract, she applies layers of paint transparencies, combining soft matte surfaces with a variety of light-reflecting paints and textures.

Her sources of inspirations are the cultural richness of Europe, the exotic beauty of New Zealand (her second homeland) and the majestic scale of Canada. Currently, she lives and creates in Toronto.

Sharon Corrigan Forest - Lace Leaves
Sharron Corrigan Forrest’s artwork is an interpretation of time and place in two locations: one north of Lake Superior and the other her garden. The source of inspiration is from fragments of memories, spaces and objects that are traced by time and interspersing perspectives. Most recently the subject of her work has been found in a collection of lace, needlepoint and fragments of tatting that trace patterns from nature. Forrest’s artistic practice is a combination of traditional materials and processes and an integration of vector-based technology. The present series integrates mixed media, paper relief sculpture, computer-generated constructions that include hand-cut and laser die cut designs on a variety of surfaces.

Currently, she is as an Instructor at the School of Design at George Brown College. Sharron Corrigan Forrest’s artwork is included in public galleries and in private collections.

Maureen Riley - Mermaid Lake

Maureen Riley's Mermaid Lake

Join us for Maureen Riley's Latest Exhibit - Mermaid Lake
Opening Party takes place Friday, September 7th, 2012
Show runs until Thursday, September 20th, 2012

About the Show
The central theme of this show is Mermaid Lake - an installation symbolizing the lakes of Ontario, their lore and history. Mermaid Lake is a circle of blue water ,with a six foot mermaid in attendance, as well as flying fish, swans and the call of the loon.
The installation will be anchored by a video showing a group of visitors gathered lakeside, This show also explores some new directions in Ms. Riley's work: cut-out pieces, including Gddesses and a large tree titled "Crows in r Delicious Cherries Tree".

The show is supported by the Ontario Arts Council.

Behind the Scenes Images from Maureen at Work on the Show


Women of Beal Show

Women of Beal Show
June 1 - June 30, 2012
Reception Takes Place June 8th, 2012 at 7:00 PM

Ian Turner Exhibit

Revealing Spirits

"Revealing Spirits"

Iain Turner - New Works
Opening Reception: Friday, March 2nd, 2012, 7:00 PM
Show Runs Until: Saturday, March 31st, 2012, 1:00 PM*
* Due to popular demand, the show has been extended to April 7th.

Iain Turner talks about his exhibition REVEALING SPIRITS

"Revealing Spirits" is a personal awakening, a spirited inner revival to paint the abstract daydream, a silent poem.

Dreamland #2
Everything comes to play here: revisiting past works, recollections, observations and memories. "The work develops in the doing" That was Paterson Ewen's favorite line to me and that voice has always played in my head. Thanks to Pat I got hooked on working on plywood using routers and grinders as well as chain saws "the whole deal" and the freedom to use it all in making and exploring new painting forms. The rhythmic expressiveness, left to chance, is like the "Automatistes".

Dreams and Wishes
"Art Making" is a self-imposed journey and if you are lucky a body of work emerges.

The picture changes when you need to deliver the goods. The "Art Scene" posturing is a necessary reference point. It's a significant moment to interact. Good or bad, it is the art biz, never easy. As an artist you go through the motions of communication revealing your cryptic language which has a spirit of it's own.

Flaming Pearl Balls
Second Incarnation
Space Fossil

My Tribe: New Works by Vicki Easton McClung

Friday, February 3rd, 2012, 7:00 PM
Show runs until Saturday, February 25th

Gallery Hours
Tuesday - Friday, 10AM - 5PM
Saturday: 10AM - 1PM

About the Show

My Tribe: New Works by Vicki Easton McClung features mixed media works informed by the artist’s interest in narrative forms. To produce these works, Easton McClung sifted through Eaton’s catalogue images from the fifties, her late mother-in-law’s antique dolls, and a collection of found objects.

With a sense of familiarity and intimacy, with themes that are persistently just out of reach, Vicki Easton McClung presents personal ideas and experiences that enlighten her work and unique sense of identity.

About Vicki Easton McClung
A graduate of Mohawk College in commercial art and later in environmental art from Fanshawe College, Vicki has exhibited her work extensively across Southern Ontario. Her work is represented in public and private collections including St. Thomas-Elgin Art Gallery and the Norfolk Arts Centre. Between 1980 and 1990, she was represented by the Gadatsy Gallery of Toronto before it closed.

Vicki has been a recipient of Ontario Arts Council exhibition grants and a Juror’s Choice award from the Robert Cadotte Gallery (1995). From 2001-2008 she worked as curator of exhibitions for the Lighthouse Festival Theatre and Gallery.

Vicki lives in Port Dover where she divides her time seasonally between art and production at the McClung Nursery.