Studies in Sentience - David Bobier

Our current exhibit is "Studies in Sentience" by local artist David Bobier. Bobier is a Londoner and former director of the St. Thomas Elgin Public Art Centre. The Show runs until March 24th, 2011.

feeling or sensation as distinguished from perception and thought, sense perception not involving intelligence or mental perception. The notion of multiplicity in methods of language and communication is the framework for the work in this exhibition. 

Bound, 2010, paper, beeswax, asphaltum, foamcore, rope, pulley
From David Bobier:
My work is a multisensory study of non-aural/oral communication and language incorporating an historical and cross-cultural analysis of sensory experiences. It considers and critiques the western philosophical perspective on the mind, emotion, and the body and the historical value placed upon sight and reason versus the ‘lesser’ senses of sound, smell, taste, and touch as acceptable modes of knowing, understanding and communicating.

The use of the hand image plays the metaphor for touch and feel; it is the physical framework for the language of the Deaf; it poses; it gestures; it is a primary connection to the physical world; it is the brain in motion; it helps to define artistic forms and cultural aesthetics; it has been a symbol of the heart and carries the mapping of the soul. In Greek and Roman times gesture was developed and systemized to promote the effective use of hands in traditional rhetoric and oratory. In the 1600’s the study of Chirologia, “the natural use of the hand” identified emotional states as depicted by specific hand positions and gestures. Increasingly, research is suggesting that the hand, through gesture, provides a strong argument as the instrument in the origin of language.

Feel, 2010, beeswax, asphaltum, toner, wood
By incorporating exuberant spices, herbs and flavourings such as turmeric, cayenne, mustard, fenugreek, paprika, cinnamon and cocoa with wax the work becomes invested with smell, intending to induce memory, longing and pleasure. In addition many of these substances have had long historical traditions as medicinal and ritualistic.
David Bobier  2011
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