Christmas Show and Sale

Opening Party
Friday December 2, 2011, 7PM

Open House
Saturday December 3, 10AM TO 6PM
Sunday, December. 4, 12 PM TO 5PM
Show runs until December 24 at 12 PM

Gallery  Hours for December
Tuesday - Saturday, 10AM TO 6PM
(or by appointment)
Lots of free parking!

About the Show
Strand's Christmas Show and Sale features work by some of the artists London has to offer. You'll find a wide selection of items from original ceramic plates, paintings, sculpture and even the new book by Anne and David Lindsay - Hungry Hearts.
David Bobier
Mac Caloren
Pat Gibson

Susan Day
  Featured Artists
  • Kevin Bice
  • David Bobier
  • Mac Coloren
  • Susan Day
  • Boban Dosic
  • Marion Drysdale
  • Carol Finkbeiner Thomas
  • Linda Fried
  • Pat Gibson
  • Lynn Heinitz
  • Bryan Jesney
  • David Lindsay
  • Sally Glanvile
  • Patrick Malim
  • Pat Menary
  • David Merritt
  • Diane Morrow
  • Lynn Munro
  • Terry Needham
  • Paul Novick
  • Gordana Olujic Dosic
  • Maureen Riley
  • Thelma Rosner
  • Amanda Rowe
  • Marcy Saddy
  • Wanda Sawicki
  • Laurie Seaman
  • Bill Stepstra 
  • Ian Turner 
  • Fran Whitney

New Works - November 2011

New Works Show

Featuring new works by local artists: Susan Day, Marcy Saddy, Bryan Jesney and Bill Stelpstra.

Show runs from Friday, November 4th, 2011 - Saturday, November 26th, 2011.

Brian Lambert Exhibit

New Work by Brian Lambert
September 30 - October 29
Opening Reception: Friday, September 30th, 7:00 PM

From the London Free Press, Monday, October 3, 2011 by Joe Belanger

It's been a while since Brian Lambert was a familiar face on the London arts scene. But after 18 years, Lambert -- musician, artist and carpenter -- is back and with a vengeance with his first exhibition of new work Friday at Strand Fine Art Services on Florence St. near Eleanor.

"I got tired of the art business and having no money so I set up my own business (carpentry, renos) and got very busy," said Lambert, who hung up the hammer to take a job at the McIntosh Gallery at the University of Western Ontario.

Interestingly, Lambert's new work -- a study of human reaction in urban settings -- is as fresh and current as anything being offered by the new generation of artists.

"I'm really excited about this exhibition and I'm having a lot of fun," said Lambert, who describes his nine-to-five gig at the gallery as "a fabulous job."

"I knew I was doing work that a lot of the younger people were doing and I'm hoping I get a response from them."

During the years, Lambert has focused on his music, writing, playing and recording, and is in the process of writing a novel.

Strand co-owner Andrew Smyth said many Londoners will remember Lambert's work in the 80s and early 90s before the hiatus, including sculptures, paintings and leather works.

"These new works are short narratives, moments of reaction," explained Smyth. "There's kind of a macabre humour in them and quite bizarre but there's also that humour."

His work focuses on the expressions of people in circumstances that aren't always obvious.

For instance, one ink work has a character leaving a bar mumbling "Man, the Leafs suck." In another, three men are reacting to something, but the word bubble is empty, leaving the viewer to fill in the blank.

Another piece reaches back to Lambert's early days when Call the Office was called the York Hotel. The painting is titled, Looking for Salvation and Beer at the York Hotel.

"I've always been fascinated by the emotional, psychological reactions and how people process things," said Lambert. "I'm particularly interested in city environments and how it affects people."

Other Pieces in Series

Three Whitneys Show

Featuring work by George Whtiney, Fran Whitney and Linda Whitney.
Runs from September 8-24, 2011.
Reception Thursday, September 8th, 7:00 PM

Maureen Riley - 30th Anniversary Exhibition

New Work, Historic & Prints

Featuring a significant new piece celebrating 30 years.
Show is 2 days only, be sure you don't miss out!

Opening Saturday, August 27th, 7:00PM

Sunday, August 28th, noon-5:00 PM

Carolinian Rhapsody
This new work celebrates the diversity of life around us and highlights some of this region's special features.

Limited Edition Prints available. $12 each. Proceeds to go towards support of the Carolinian Canada Coalition.

See Maureen's Facebook page for updates on her artwork.

Rosemary Sloot - Works from 1991 to 2006

Show opens at 7PM, Friday April 8, 2011
Runs until Saturday April 30, 2011

oil on canvas
60" x 72"

BLACK CROW was painted for Dan Pakulak, who died too young. The Russian Icon references his background and interests. Dan liked talking to crows. His close friend, photographer Peter Puna, provided the crow image and it was only after the painting was complete that I learned "crow" was Dan's nickname in high school.

Selected Pieces From the Show

oil on canvas
64" x 86"

oil on canvas, hair, shells and bone
64" x 53"

oil on canvas, feathers, brass ring
53" x 64"

During the course of producing these works, my husband, painter David Magee died tragically, four weeks before my mother passed away. The dialectic changed and the paintings became intensely personal, something over which I had little control. Time was passing and the topic of the paintings was playing itself out.

In YOU ARE AS LIGHT AS A FEATHER, I deliberately removed David's shadow from its sunny environment and positioned it lurching into an expanse of grey, out of focus water. The box of white feathers references David's work.

oil on canvas
41" x 41"

Contact us for more details and pricing.

See more of Rosemary's work at her website.

THE IDEA OF EVOLUTION exhibition, that most of these works were included in, was a logical continuation of the PRIORITY OF TRUTH show in which I also dealt in part, with evolution, particularly of the universe.

These paintings use personal iconography to investigate the interrelation and separateness, the similarities and disparities of the natural environment and aspects of humaneness, and the gradual/ inevitable evolution of both.

In addressing these concerns multi- canvas or layered images and paintings paired with boxes create dialectic between images of the earth's surface and representations of humanity both painted and real. Vague suggestions of landscape or specific locations, the scrutiny of geologic detail and ephemeral images of human kind from "Lucy" to shadows of my husband and me are employed.

This placement of a suggested figure in the landscape comments on the temporality of a human life, as well as our place on and relationship to the geographic location we inhabit.

Shadows act as an archetypal image that keeps the notion of human all inclusive giving the work a wider resonance. Shadows are nothing more than a temporary condition of light, so comment appropriately on the brevity of human time. For me however, they also act as portraits, which is in part due to the fact that the brain recognizes your own shadow as though it were part of your body.

The paintings are not concerned with depicting the landscape in a traditional manner however; they do require attentiveness to the natural world from which we are becoming progressively more estranged. Earth's longevity presents a constant that predates and will endure by millennia human-kind's existence. Its forces produced the human species thereby inextricably linking us to our environment.

General disregard of this simple fact is astonishing. Light and water act as a common thread in these works. Water is  "the place we've come from, whether by way of biology or immigration".

Water combined with Light creates a "spiritual condition". "Both are metaphors for transformation, representing the transitional and the transitory."
("Eric Fischl")

Studies in Sentience - David Bobier

Our current exhibit is "Studies in Sentience" by local artist David Bobier. Bobier is a Londoner and former director of the St. Thomas Elgin Public Art Centre. The Show runs until March 24th, 2011.

feeling or sensation as distinguished from perception and thought, sense perception not involving intelligence or mental perception. The notion of multiplicity in methods of language and communication is the framework for the work in this exhibition. 

Bound, 2010, paper, beeswax, asphaltum, foamcore, rope, pulley
From David Bobier:
My work is a multisensory study of non-aural/oral communication and language incorporating an historical and cross-cultural analysis of sensory experiences. It considers and critiques the western philosophical perspective on the mind, emotion, and the body and the historical value placed upon sight and reason versus the ‘lesser’ senses of sound, smell, taste, and touch as acceptable modes of knowing, understanding and communicating.

The use of the hand image plays the metaphor for touch and feel; it is the physical framework for the language of the Deaf; it poses; it gestures; it is a primary connection to the physical world; it is the brain in motion; it helps to define artistic forms and cultural aesthetics; it has been a symbol of the heart and carries the mapping of the soul. In Greek and Roman times gesture was developed and systemized to promote the effective use of hands in traditional rhetoric and oratory. In the 1600’s the study of Chirologia, “the natural use of the hand” identified emotional states as depicted by specific hand positions and gestures. Increasingly, research is suggesting that the hand, through gesture, provides a strong argument as the instrument in the origin of language.

Feel, 2010, beeswax, asphaltum, toner, wood
By incorporating exuberant spices, herbs and flavourings such as turmeric, cayenne, mustard, fenugreek, paprika, cinnamon and cocoa with wax the work becomes invested with smell, intending to induce memory, longing and pleasure. In addition many of these substances have had long historical traditions as medicinal and ritualistic.
David Bobier  2011
  • Read the recent write up of the show in the London Free Press:
    Bobier wants his viewers involved, Exhibition: Studies in Sentience, which opens Friday, is definitely ground-breaking